Bill Gates Has Regrets

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‘A Bargain With the Devil’—Bill Comes Due for Overextended Airbnb Hosts

Entrepreneurs built mini-empires of short-term rental properties, borrowing against revenue that’s now vanishing under coronavirus lockdowns.

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Bill Gates Has Regrets

Years before the Covid-19 pandemic, the billionaire tried to warn global leaders of the threat from new infectious diseases. Few listened. ‘I feel terrible.’


Reopening the Coronavirus-Era Office: One-Person Elevators, No Cafeterias

Companies, in adapting the workplace for Covid-19, are reversing a push to cram workers into tighter spaces.


Don’t Try to Prepare for the Next Black Swan. You Can’t.

In the age of Covid-19, companies that amassed cash buffers and investors who insured against a market drop are looking smart. The risk is they start believing they can predict the unpredictable.

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Ignore China’s Coronavirus Numbers. Here’s How to Get Clues About a Recovery.

Focusing on China’s resumption of economic activity in recent weeks might be a better guide for what awaits the U.S. and listening to earnings calls can provide some insight.


WSJ Exclusive: Figuring Out Money Together

How should I spend my stimulus money? Can I pause my student loans? Am I eligible for unemployment? WSJ reporters deliver thorough and accurate information about all aspects of money and finance daily.

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It’s Not Just Working Remotely; Hiring and Onboarding Go Virtual, Too

With many workplaces closed during the pandemic, hiring and onboarding are moving online; new employees bond virtually over DoorDash delivery.


I’ve Worked From Home for 22 Years. Here’s What I’ve Learned.

The rules change when you move from an office to your spare room. Here’s how to be both productive and healthy.

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A Surprising Way to Reduce Stress

Reminding yourself what you’re grateful for can boost your mental health and help you cope with coronavirus anxiety.

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How to Avoid Eating All Day While Coronavirus Keeps Us Working From Home

Top nutritionists suggest creating healthy habits; ‘don’t eat pasta too many days in a row.’

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Spending Too Much Time Online? Here Are Tips for Unplugging.

Everybody needs to get offline at least part of the time to focus on the big picture. You just may need to trick yourself into doing it.

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Is the Worst Over for Residential Real Estate? This Analyst Says Yes.

One analyst says there are signs that the U.S. housing market could already be on the upswing.

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